Mini Marshmallow (16 February 2015)


Welcome to the first Mini Marshmallow. It’s a little boost to keep your spirits up and help you write. I felt that two weeks was too long to wait for encouragement. Each one will be posted on alternate Mondays and will be quite short in comparison to the articles.

The first Mini Marshmallow comes to us courtesy of Amy Poehler. In the video linked below, Amy is asked how to gather the courage to take risks, especially when you’re scared of messing up in front of other people. Amy answers with one of my favourite lines in the entire world:

“Great people do things before they’re ready.”

We don’t always feel we’re ready to write. I know I don’t. We might be scared of making a mistake. We might feel we don’t have enough knowledge or we’re not as talented as other people, or a million other reasons why we think we’re not ready to write.

But great people do things before they’re ready. Here is what I know: you are great. You are great, even before you try. And when you try, you will see how truly great you are.

Happy writing,


Amy’s video on courage is short but powerful. You can watch it here:

There’s a very short theme song at the beginning, so don’t be surprised by the music.

Artist Gavin Aung Than has illustrated a section from this video for his site, Zen Pencils:

Both links are guaranteed to inspire, but remember to get to writing and explore the sites later (something I have to tell myself all the time). Enjoy!

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