The following is a selection of completed copywriting and editing projects. Other projects not listed include articles, brochures, emails (internal and marketing), internal documents, interviews, newsletters, SEO, slogans and taglines, web copy and websites.


Victor Buck Services: Event brochure for December 2019 trade show in Amsterdam (copy available upon request) – NEW!

International Organisation for Migration (IOM): I interviewed twelve people who had temporarily returned to their homelands with the help of IOM. Their purpose was to carry out various developmental projects, from beekeeping to providing medical care. The interviews were then crafted into short first-person articles. You can download the publication here:

Migration and Development: Migrant Stories

Please note that proofreading was conducted by another organisation.

Assistance Software (now Unit4): Assistance Software asked me to interview a number of their clients for case studies they could place on their site.

I wrote the case studies for: Advent One, Bruisten AEC, CPS, Clients First, Customer Dynamics, De Jong en Partners, Edgewater Fullscope (formerly Zero2Ten), Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, Konstruktieburo Snetselaar, Ledgeview, Sikich (formerly Altico Advisors), and Wavin.


Tommy Hilfiger: Tommy Hilfiger in the Netherlands was running a series of exclusive promotions for newsletter subscribers. I was asked to write the heading and subheading accompanying each image. The heading served a double purpose as the subject line of each email. I was also asked to proofread other promotional material.


Isis Hynobirthing: Co-author and proofreader of the Doula Services section. (Also listed in the editing and proofreading section below.)


IGC International, via BTS Rotterdam: I wrote a flyer and brochure for distribution at events and exhibitions, and a presentation booklet for their members.

Editing and Proofreading – Non-Fiction

DutchNews.nl: Proofreader of daily newsletters. I also proofread their first paper edition of A Dictionary of Dutchness, which is now available online.


Amazon Your Business: I proofread the first edition of this book. Amazon Your Business is essential reading for anyone interested in business and sustainability, especially since it has directly contributed to the success of businesses in the region.


European Energy Review: I edited individual articles, as well as the final text of the paper version, for three issues of the magazine (just before it went digital).


Isis Hynobirthing: Co-author and proofreader of the Doula Services section of the site. (Also listed in the copywriting section above.)


• Cool Freezers via BTS Rotterdam: SEO and copyediting of website.

Editing and Proofreading – Fiction

The Thing About Tilly by G Benson – NEW!

I conducted developmental, line and copy-editing for G Benson’s novel, The Thing About Tilly (112K words).

The Fine Point of his Soul

I edited Julie Bozza’s gothic novel, The Fine Point of his Soul.

Kira and the Bubble Gum Tree

I edited Kristine Tauch’s children’s book, Kira and the Bubble Gum Tree.

Manifold Press and Ylva Publishing

I edited (developmental, line and/or copy-editing) or proofread the following novels for Manifold Press and Ylva Publishing. Please note that the links lead to excerpts of the novels and therefore may contain strong language.

Manifold Press

Aloes Calon Lan Dear Mister President The Definitive Albert J. Sterne The Devil in Dead Horse Eleventh Hour End of the Trail Escaping From Him Fool’s Errand Fool’s Rush Harbinger Island Hunted A Night with the Knight of the Burning Pestle Montana Red No Holds Bard Ravages Sea Change Spring Flowering This Means War Thrace A Threefold Cord To the Left of Your North Star The ‘True Love’ Solution Under Leaden Skies The Walled Garden

Ylva Publishing

All At Sea by Cheyenne Blue Daughter of Fire: Conspiracy of the Dark Daughter of Fire: The Darkness Rising (sequel to Conspiracy of the Dark) Fenced-In Felix by Cheyenne Blue The Love Factor by Quinn Ivins Never Too Late For Heroes by A.L. Brooks Pink by KD Williamson Primal Touch by Amber Jacobs Punk and Zen Part 1: The Remix Queerly Loving (Volume 1) Queerly Loving (Volume 2) Reintegration Scissor Link Shadow Haven Slammed by Lola Keeley Under Parr Who’d Have Thought by G. Benson

* Voor mijn Nederlandse bezoekers: Ik spreek zowel Engels als Nederlands, dus u kunt voor vragen over schrijven en copywriting in beide talen bij mij terecht.