Services and Cost

Descriptions of my services and the minimum cost. See my portfolio for samples of past work.




Copywriting: You need me to write something for you.
Editing: You wrote something and need me to make adjustments and corrections. May involve some rewriting and fact-checking.
Proofreading: You wrote something and need me to check for technical errors only (spelling, grammar, punctuation, stray marks, random spaces). No rewriting or revising.
Manuscript Reading: You wrote a fictional work and need feedback on plot, pacing, characterisation and other non-technical issues.




The minimum cost for any project is €150- (plus BTW/VAT if you’re in the Netherlands).
I will create an estimate based on your project requirements, total word count and time necessary to complete the work. If the parameters of the project change, so will the cost.




Q: “I’m a struggling author and I really only have one small question. Are you going to charge me €150- to answer it?”
A: Probably not. Ask your question and we’ll work something out.


Q: “I’m not a struggling author but I’d like the struggling author rate.”
A: Nice try, buddy.


Q: “I like your style and want to work with you. What’s the next step?”
A: 1. Contact me to set up a time to talk (
     2. We establish the parameters of the project
     3. I get to work
     4. Payment is 50% up front and 50% upon completion


Q: “Wow, you’re really direct.”
A: Yes.


* Voor mijn Nederlandse bezoekers: Ik spreek zowel Engels als Nederlands, dus u kunt voor vragen over schrijven en copywriting in beide talen bij mij terecht.