I’ve been writing and editing since I was a teen. Language is a never-ending source of fascination for me. We can convey intense feelings and complex images with our words alone. The smallest change in a text can completely alter a reader’s experience. Our species created markings to match our speech, and those markings constantly evolve and change with us. And different groups of humans have different kinds of markings, which other groups can then learn and share.

I’m from Australia and I live in the Netherlands. The answers to your questions about my experience are, in this exact order: yes, not right now, only on Thursdays, probably but I don’t drink beer, global warming.

Outside of work, I read, write, paint, draw, watch TV, talk about TV, pat cats and any other domesticated animal who allows it, responsibly feed wild birds and hedgehogs, and garden. I have a completely healthy and perfectly normal obsession with the giant, laser-wielding robots of my youth. Perfectly. Normal.

I named my business after the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment. It’s a pretty fascinating journey that, like language, is constantly evolving and changing:

The Stanford Marshmallow Experiment


* Voor mijn Nederlandse bezoekers: Ik spreek zowel Engels als Nederlands, dus u kunt voor vragen over schrijven en copywriting in beide talen bij mij terecht.