Here’s what my clients have to say:

Client: Vicki and Desiree Pinkerton, via Flashpoint Publications

“Mostly we want to thank our amazing editor, Zee Ahmad (Two Marshmallows) who took the time and babied us along. She understood our vision and seemed so tuned in to our wavelength it was uncanny and magical. We had the story, but Zee brought the wardrobe and makeup. The book was fine when we started working with her and she helped us make it what it is.”

Acknowledgement in Yukon Winter, coming soon from Flashpoint Publications. Authors’ website: https://northernlightslove.com

* * *

Client: D.A. Hartman, author of Round TripNEW!

“The largest obstacle I had when trying to self-publish my debut novel was finding someone, who I could trust to enhance my book. In my research I discovered an editor by the name of Zee Ahmad who works with authors and publishing houses I respect. She helped me transform my manuscript into a novel I’m proud of. Thanks, Zee.”

Acknowledgement in Round Trip.

* * *
Client: G Benson, Author

“I’ve worked with Zee a couple of times now, and each has been smooth-going, fast, and exacting. She takes the time to understand what an author is looking for, and is very careful to preserve the author’s voice and vision. She has a keen eye for everything from character voice to grammar to scenes that need tweaking. Not only do you get utter professionalism, you also get someone who takes the time to highlight the things that work well, helping you shape a novel into the best it can possibly be. I would recommend Zee in a heartbeat.”

* * *
Client: Quinn Ivans, Author (via Ylva Publishing)

“My content editor, Zee Ahmad, received a manuscript riddled with exposition, copyrighted material, and statistical jargon. A lesser editor would have quit on the spot and invoiced Astrid for the time spent reading it, but Zee took on the project with energy and cheer. She spent countless hours working with me to improve the book, and she went out of her way to make it a positive experience. Thank you, and sorry about all the spreadsheets.”

– Acknowledgement in The Love Factor.


* * *
Client: Marinca Kaldeway, Author

“Working on a piece of fiction with Zee’s expert guidance was truly a life-altering experience. Because she excels at focusing on what is already there and building up the aspects of the story that work, the rewrite was a joy. Her elaborate and helpful notes gave me the sense of having someone take me through the text by the hand, making everything feel manageable. It was so rewarding to preserve everything that was beautiful and add what made it better.

“I’m incredibly grateful for the time Zee took to enthusiastically illustrate the positive. She had such a thorough grasp of the text, she was able to point out exactly what subtext still needed to be made explicit. The thoughtful attention she put into discussing my questions was beyond helpful. By illustrating the effect of each decision vividly, she allowed me to not only to finetune my characters’ voices, but reinvent my own, as well.

“The way Zee approached this process gave me the courage to look at the way I write fiction from a new perspective, and dare to attempt more challenging directions. Zee is a genius.”


* * *
Client: Kristine Tauch
Website: Fair Planet Arts

“When I found Two Marshmallows, I was looking for an English-language editor for my children’s stories. The work process started out very smoothly with Zee. The attention and detailed analysis she honored my texts with were outstanding. Zee was always available, she always came up with more than one option to any arising question and her kindness and tender support were a source of motivation to me throughout our time together.”


* * *
Client: Manifold Press

“During the decade that I was Managing Editor of Manifold Press, Zee was our primary editor and proof-reader – especially when the author’s first language was not English. She was always willing to go the extra mile to sort out linguistic misunderstandings, and produced highly polished results which we were proud to publish. Whatever the genre or the subject matter, Zee gives it 100% of her energies and will treat every project with equal care and attention. We really could not have asked for a better service, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a thorough and attentive editor.”

– Fiona Pickles, Managing Editor, Manifold Press


* * *
Client: WTS Vertalingen (now Powerling )
Contact person: Tinka Kars

“Before working with Zee, we worked with our native English-speaking translators for proofreading and revision work. While they could re-write a text or English translation, they did not have much experience with writing a text. Zee can create the text, either from scratch or by starting with an interview.

“We found Zee via a colleague of ours, who gave us a good reference. We had a very nice meeting with her and one of our clients, who explained what they expected of a copywriter. She showed us her portfolio and let us know that she could handle the job.

“Our clients say that Zee produces strong texts that are good to read, and they are comfortable communicating and working with her. She always gives detailed updates on the progress of a job. Zee’s communication is good and her style of writing ‘fits’ the client.”


* Voor mijn Nederlandse bezoekers: Ik spreek zowel Engels als Nederlands, dus u kunt voor vragen over schrijven en copywriting in beide talen bij mij terecht.